Make a Living Doing What You Love And Build a Meaningful Business That Brings You Joy and Freedom

Learn Everything You Need to Know About How to Make a Living With Your Calling and Passion!

A Learning Platform & Community Space for Creators and Entrepreneurs

Watch my video introducing you to CO.CREATE:


More growth. More money. More impact. More fun. More motivation. 

Learn everything you need to know about how to make a living with your calling and passion, turn your vision into reality AND change the world in a meaningful way (a lot or a little).

Connect with me, Conni Biesalski, and other purpose-driven creators and online entrepreneurs that want to make a meaningful impact with their business AND live a life that truly matters.

Life is better when you create – together.

CO.CREATE is a place for luminaries, learners, creators, visionaries and explorers.

It’s for those that are ready to challenge the status quo and blaze new trails.

It’s a space for real community and learning plus weekly interactive online live events with Conni – to help you create more meaning for yourself and the world.

Training + Community + Mentoring = Badass Impact + Success

All content creators and entrepreneurs are welcome:

Online Entrepreneurs, Freelancer, Consultants, Blogger, YouTuber, Podcaster, Coaches, Writers, Photographers, Filmmakers or Videographers, Artists or Designers, Speakers, Virtual Assistants. No matter if you sell services, digital or physical products: COME ON IN!

If you have an open heart and an open mind and the desire to make a real meaningful impact with our work – you are in the right place.


There aren’t a lot of awesome resources out there for creators and entrepreneurs who want to make a real meaningful impact.

Entrepreneurship is hard and often lonely.

Fears and limiting beliefs keep us stuck from moving forward.

We often lack clarity in our business and with all our ideas.

We struggle with overwhelm - online and in business.

Many courses and online communities are a time-suck and keep you consuming more than you create.

There are lots of "silly" marketing gurus and influencer entrepreneurs selling you "the dream".

Facebook Groups suck. (Especially when they get big)


A private insider community where you can be YOU 24/7 and jam with me and other lit up humans.

Your one-stop shop for connection, inspiration, streamlined training to help you turn YOUR vision into reality. 

It’s a place to keep you focused on and working towards your business goals - without needing to search the whole web for the next right step or spend thousands on multiple different courses. 

Receive the support you need to build a meaningful business and a conscious life.

Get access to my regular live sessions and go deeper with me on the regular.

Get answers to the burning entrepreneurial questions you can’t just google. The answer to every question you have about your business is a lesson someone else had to learn the hard way.

Experience exclusive content and conversations you can’t find anywhere else.

Meet other conscious creators, entrepreneurs and change-makers. 

Meet people who share your interests, who live near you, who do the same things, or who care about the same topics. As together, we create the next generation of successful, world-changing creators and entrepreneurs.

Connect with people who are doing the outer AND inner work.

Collaborate, co-work, and learn from one another.
Find inspiration from people like you.

Make an impact and contribute to the CO.CREATE community we’re building together.

It's a warm and safe place, where everyone understands what it means to have big ideas and wanting to combine money and meaning to make a difference.

Behind the scenes look at what I’m working on and how I practice what I teach.

Exclusive first dibs on anything I’m’ll be the first to know about events, courses, all of the things! (Oh yeah: Plus baller deals and discounts on all kinds of juicy goodness)

Here is a little look into our community platform:

This is our CO.CREATE tribe hanging out together during one of our Q+A and meditation calls:


  1. ▶️ Live Online Sessions & Workshops with Conni (twice a month)
    - Q&A calls - You can ask me all your questions and interact directly with me and other members
    - In-depth workshops for advanced training and hands-on help for specific topics to grow your business (eg. marketing and selling, mindset, tribe building, creating content, blogging and video, storytelling, productivity, creativity...)
    - Group coaching (members can apply for live coaching)
    - Reviews for: websites and branding, Instagram bio and feed, sales/landing pages, YouTube channels and videos, launch plan..
    - Feedback sessions for business or product ideas and value ladders/funnels
  2. 🎬 Access to all livestream recordings
  3. 🙏 Collective Live Meditation Sessions with Conni
  4. 👥 Community Platform to Connect With Like-Minded Co-Creators and entrepreneurs, get support, brainstorm, mastermind together and get your questions answered from other purpose-driven creators
  5. 💌 Limited number of people to guarantee an intimate, personal and meaningful experience for you.
  6. 📚 Conni's Recommended Resources:  A monthly master learning and growing resource list curated by me
    Including: The books and blogs I read, recommended videos and podcasts, awesome tools and apps
  7. 🗒 30 Day Challenges to collectively create, achieve greatness, adopt new habits, let bad habits go, experiment and learn..
  8. 💪 Form Your Own Mastermind Group with other members and find accountability buddies
  9. 🔮 Lots more ideas planned (such as live meetups and events, online workshops by members for members, monthly creation challenges..)


  • New Awesome Workshops Every Month!
    Here is What's Coming Up:
    -> How to Attract Your Dream Clients and Customers
    -> Get Free Organic Google Traffic: SEO for Beginners
    -> The Step-By-Step Roadmap to Build Your Successful Business

(Valued At $97)


  • The Exact Roadmap to an Epic Business That Changes Lives (and the world)
  • Growing Your Audience
  • Attracting Your Dream Clients and Customers
  • Developing Your Branding and Your Big Why
  • Strategies to Monetize Your Passion
  • Always Knowing What to Focus On in Your Business
  • Developing and Launching New Products, Services and Offerings
  • How to Build a Website or Blog, start a YouTube Channel...
  • Creativity + Meaningful Content Creation
  • Ethical Marketing That Feels Good
  • Conscious Entrepreneurship
  • Visual Content (Photography and Video/YouTube)
  • Mindset and Personal Growth
  • Productivity + Taking Action
  • Lifestyle Design and Minimalism
  • Energy Management + Healthy Habits
  • Minimalist Business With Maximum Impact
  • Tools of the Trade

What Members Say About CO.CREATE:

"I love CO.CREATE so much and I kid you not, it is the best place to become the conscious creator I longed to become for a long time.

I have spent, so far, thousands of Dollars on business coaching and none of that compares to the value I receive weekly from Conni’s work and the community.

This platform is filled with high frequency positive vibes, unlimited knowledge & resources, plus amazing support and guidance.

Conni’s workshops have brought me extreme clarity of who I am, what I have to offer to this world, who my ideal client is and how to get myself out there unapologetically and fearlessly.

I want to become the best version of myself that I can possibly be, therefore I am learning from the best and Conni shares it ALL – not withholding anything, straight from her heart to mine."

Eliza Mozal, Women Empowerment Mentor


A nomadic creator, online entrepreneur, business and marketing mentor, speaker, digital filmmaker and photographer, minimalist, and vegan yogi.

I help creatives and entrepreneurs like you make shit happen, create meaningful content and grow an intentional business to make a difference.

I create content for those that want to do things differently. For the doers. Those that want to change the world - but also know that change starts within ourselves.

I have been sharing free helpful content since 2011 and I have been running my online business since 2012. I created one of Germany's most successful travel and digital blogs and have launched and run several other startups.

I make videos, run a podcast, send out special newsletters, write blogposts and share on Instagram.

My mission is to support you in:

  • building an epic and meaningful business as a creator
  • taking action and creating something of value every day
  • sharing your message with the world
  • pursuing your passion and make a living doing what you love
  • creating meaningful content

CO.CREATE is a premium monthly membership platform that gives you access to exclusive live access to me and to content that I don't post anywhere else. 


Provide a lot of awesome value for those that want to go deeper.

Grow more world-changers sharing their light.

Your membership also supports my work as a creator and helps me keep creating more free videos, podcasts and emails that are advertisement- and sponsor-free.

Why a membership platform?

I have been thinking endlessly about how I can best serve you with an offering.

My aim is to to get you to take action and build a meaningful life and business that makes an impact.

I believe a paid membership community is currently the best way for me to achieve that.

Also, let's be honest: Free content is great, but when we pay for something, we are more committed and engaged - and a community is way more fun when everybody is really into it.

Join in on this amazing journey and become part of our epic community around intentional entrepreneurship and meaningful content creation.


Let’s co-create a space where we can be exactly who we really are--our glorious, imperfectly perfect, messy, raw and real selves. Because that's how, together, we can change the world. 

This is the most unique tribe of conscious creators who will push you to grow. 

It is for the new breed of creators and entrepreneurs - those that have a fire in their soul and want to contribute to the world. And those that want to do that by totally being themselves.

No matter how far along you are on your entrepreneurial journey, this community is for you.

Step into the greatest version of you that is here to change the world.

My goal is to keep this offering simple so that you can focus on creating and impacting the world - not on procrastinating and consuming more content.

Become a CO.CREATOR!

Sign up to get full access here:

(This is a monthly subscription - you can cancel anytime.)

Still got questions or not sure if it's for you?

Send me an email at

What Members Say About CO.CREATE:

"Having known Conni and her work for several years, I knew Co.Create would be of great value.

Picture Facebook when it was still ad-free and before the whole world was on it. With only high vibing humans who share your mindset and support each other with feedback, ideas and service.

Then add weekly (!) workshops with Conni, all of them on topics which totally match your interests around building a conscious business and living a meaningful life. That's Co.Create!

I love the fresh breeze of motivating energy that surrounds the community. I love the group-calls where members can share their wins and struggles. And I love that Conni involves the community in planning the content and the plattform itself - that's true Co.Creation!"

Sara Heinen, Podcaster and Facilitator

"Conni is authentic and she speaks from her heart.  I can honestly say, that I am learning a lot from her - even though I run my own business as a storyteller and brand expert with many years of marketing experience.

I also love sharing my knowledge and experience in the community!

The great thing with CO.CREATE is that you will not be alone, but you also won't be a random face among 5000 people in a group - as Conni keeps the community small on purpose.

Conni understands the importance of small circles and I promise you that she takes care of us members: A lot of special content, great talks, regular input from her daily life as a vegan yogi and what I love most: She talks openly about mistakes, fears and challenges in her own life. 

Almost every day for a few minutes and often longer, I spend time in the community because I really like my fellow co-creators. Like a magnet, Conni attracts authentic souls and genuine people - and together we share great vibes, while at the same time learning about topics, which help us to grow our businesses and our hearts.

I hope to see you there, so we can learn together about things that truly matter as an amazing community. Because at the end of the day, we can use this knowledge to make the world a better place. And CO.CREATE is a great start to make a difference!"

Alexandros Tsachouridis Mondon, Storyteller based in Amsterdam

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